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List of Events: Richard Blanco

Richard Blanco Event, May 5, 2016, 12:15

Richard Blanco will be giving a presentation at Berkshire Community College on May 5, 2016 at 12:15. The event is free and open to the public. Mr. Blanco’s event is part of the Library’s NEH grant and year- long programming on Latino Culture. While Mr. Blanco will speak on Latino culture in America, he will also address a variety of themes pertaining to community, touching on the experiences of an ethnically, economically, gender fluid and diverse student body such as ours. Lastly, he will include the importance of creativity in our lives and in our changing workplaces.

A lively, multi-dimensional speaker and performer, Richard Blanco combines the motivational power of his poetry and storytelling, with his wit and wisdom, to inspire organizations and institutions. His unique and diverse perspectives as a poet, civil engineer, memoirist, professor, and gay Latino, has received acclaim from at institutions around the world, including Yale, Harvard, Bowdoin, Wesleyan, the Mayo Clinic, and even the newly opened US Embassy in Havana, where he was a guest speaker at the historic opening.

Students at BCC have been reading Blanco's poems and a number are creating their own response to his works. You can find a free copy of Mr. Blanco's inaugural poem at

We are one College, one community, one county and one nation, and these events celebrate all of us, encouraging cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. To hear the stories and the poetry of Mr. Blanco will validate the experiences of our own students, Latino and non-Latino, minority, traditional and non-traditional, straight and LGBT. This entire project will afford an experience that liberates students from the cultural, economic, social and even academic isolation that they may have felt, while offering all of us the opportunity to understand, embrace and celebrate our differences and each other.

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