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Citation Guide: Create Hanging Indents

We've created this guide to help you cite your research in your paper, and to provide you with information on resources available at the Jonathan Edwards Library.

Create a Hanging Indent in Word: It's Easy!

You’ve finished writing that research paper, you’ve put in all the citations of your sources, but your citations have to have that hanging indent style, where the second line is indented and the first one is not.

When it comes to making a citation look right, Word doesn’t have a “Make citations look right” button on the menu. But guess what? It’s easy to create a hanging indent. This quick key works in all recent versions of Word.

  1. Place your cursor at the start of your first citation. 
  2. Hit Ctrl and T at the same time. 

That’s it. 

Yes, that’s all it takes.  No, we are not joking. 

So stop messing with the ruler, hitting tab on the second line or clicking around the various options and just hit the following:

Ctrl T

at the same time. Not only is your first citation formatted properly, but so will the entire page.  

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