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Citation Guide: Citation Generators

We've created this guide to help you cite your research in your paper, and to provide you with information on resources available at the Jonathan Edwards Library.

Citations Generated By Databases

Did you know that when you locate an article on some of our electronic databases, a citation for that article can be generated? It's true!

On EBSCO databases, such as Academic Search Premier and Health Source, you can find the yellow icon for cite (it looks like a printed page) in the "Tools" menu on the upper right hand corner of the browser. You can email citations, copy and paste them into a word document, or export them into citation generator software.

In Gale databases, such as Academic OneFile and Criminal Justice Collection, the citation generator can be found by clicking on the article (NOT the PDF version!) and locating Citation Tools on the Tools menu on the right side of the page. You can either save the citation or export it to some citation generator software.

ProQuest databases, such as the Boston Globe, citation generators can be found when you open an article. Look for Cite at the menu at the top of the page. A drop down menu lets you choose your citation style, and you can copy and paste the citation into a Word document.

In Facts on File Databases, such as Science Online, citation generators can be found in the "Page Tools" box located on the right side of the page. Click on "Citation" (located next to a pencil icon) to receive a draft citation in the three most common formats (MLA, APA and Chicago).

Other databases also generate citations should you use something off that site. For example, if you use information from a Credo Reference article, you can choose a citation in the format you need, and can either copy and paste it into a word processing document, or export it to citation management software. Gale Virtual Reference Library has a similar feature.

In Films on Demand, you can have a citation generated by clicking on the "citation" link below the video screen. Clicking on that will give you a citation you can copy and paste, and buttons can generate a citation for one of the three most common formats (MLA, APA and Chicago). NOTE: Not all videos have options to generate citations in APA!

Always remember to check the citation with a style guide or web site listed in this guide to ensure that it is accurate and compliant with the style you are required to use!

Introduction to Citation Generators

Citation generators can help you format your citations for your research paper. The ones listed on this page are freely available online and are presented for your information so that you can decide what generator you would like to use, if you choose to use one.

Should you decide to use a citation generator, it's important that you check the resulting citation to ensure accuracy and compliance with the style you are required to use! (And if you find one of these generators makes inaccurate citations frequently, please let us know!)

Links to Citation Generators

Here are some links to free, easy-to-use online citation generators:

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