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Information Literacy: Home

An Information Literate Student is a Successful Student

Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research - Ohio State University

Choosing & Using Sources - A detailed research guide from Ohio State University.  (This is used in some BCC English classes) - Open Source Text

Full Book:   View Web Version   |   Download PDF   |   Download ePub/iBook   |   Download

"How To" - Brochures and Tutorials

Interactive Online Guides To BCC Resources - Updated Summer 2020 Version

Introduction To Using the New BCC Online Catalog  - Update, June 2020 - New version for the HELM system.   Interactive guide to getting to the Library's Catalog, searching for a book and locating it on the shelf.

BCC Specific Tutorial - Finding eBooks using eBook Central  Updated, 5/29/2020

BCC Specific Tutorial - Using Database Concept Maps To Find And Narrow Topics and Articles.  Updated, 5/29/2020

BCC Specific Tutorial - Using Science Databases: Elsevier's Science Direct and ProQuest's Science Updated, 5/29/2020

BCC Specific Tutorial - How To Search For Articles.   Updated, 5/29/2020

Information Literacy

What is information literacy?
The ability to:

  • recognize your information need
  • locate,
  • evaluate,
  • and use information you find effectively

Evaluating Fake News Stories

Incorporating accurate information from reliable sources is very important when researching for your assignment.  Beware of fake news sites, "alternative facts", information on the web lacking sufficient documentation, and rumor.