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Information Literacy: Research Paper Step II

An Information Literate Student is a Successful Student

Get Your Research Started!

Now that you have your topic chosen and refined, and have done some preliminary research, you're ready to begin searching for materials to help you write your paper!

This guide will take you step-by-step through the many sources available for your research. We'll start with Search Strategies, then go on to sources such as:

  1. Finding books, including ebooks;
  2. Finding articles through online databases, and using print indexes to locate older articles on print and microfilm;
  3. Finding websites;
  4. and Finding media, such as DVDs, VHS casettes, CDs and streaming media.

Just click on the triangle in the tab marked "The Research Paper Step II" in the drop down box above, and scroll down to find the topic you need. Topics are arranged by steps in the research and writing process. We'll conclude with ways you can evaluate all your finds to determine if they will be excellent sources for your research.


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