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Information Literacy: Refine Your Topic

An Information Literate Student is a Successful Student

Some Tips

Examine your topic.

How broad or how specific is your question? It's not unusual for a preliminary topic to be too broad, and you will be overwhelmed with the amount of information you can find. Here are some ways to narrow or focus your research topic:

  • Limit to a specific time period
  • Limit to a specific country or geographical region
  • Limit to a specific age group or gender
  • Compare two points on a scale (specific times, events, people, discoveries or works of literature)
  • Find a good review of the (scientific) literature which points to future research needs

Berkshire Community College's Information Literacy Videos And Interactive Tutorials.

BCC Specific Tutorial - Using Database Concept Maps To Find And Narrow Topics NEW!


Access to the video below from off-campus is only possible with authentication.

How to Refine Your Topic

Narrowing a broad topic that lacks focus to a refined one may seem difficult. This video from the library at Cal State-San Bernardino, can help you refine your topic.  Also, our new interactive tutorial below will help you use BCC specific tools to narrow any topic so you can comfortably complete an assignment!

Subject Guide

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