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Information Literacy: Finding Books

An Information Literate Student is a Successful Student

Finding Books - Using the CW/Mars Library Catalog

From the Library's landing page at simply click on Books under FIND it in order to access the Library's online catalog.  We are migrating to the HELM Catalog system on June 1st.   undefinedFrom the Catalog, type in your search term in the search box.  It defaults to Keyword, but you can change that to Author, or Title. You can also request different Formats, such as All Books Regular Print, by clicking on the arrow next to Formats

Try this interactive online demonstration to help you use the catalog.    Introduction To Using The BCC Online Catalog. - Currently being updated
Try this interactive online demonstration to find eBooks.  BCC Specific Tutorial - Finding eBooks using eBook Central Updated June 2020

Example of a Call Number on the spine of a book: 


ONLINE Tutorials for Using Our Catalog CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED

Our Catalog Tutorials Are Being Updated AS We Migrate on June 1st, 2020, To Our NEW Catalog System, HELM.

Check back at this site in June.

Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research - Ohio State University

Choosing & Using Sources - A detailed research guide from Ohio State University.  (This is used in some BCC English classes) - Open Source Text

Full Book:   View Web Version   |   Download PDF   |   Download ePub/iBook   |   Download

Finding Your Book On The Shelf: LC Subject Headings

The Library of Congress (LC) differs from the Dewey system which you may have used in your public or middle and high school libraries.  Most institutions of higher education and nearly all research libraries in the United States use the LC system.  The system is an alpha-numeric system that  makes researching much easier as books are located in a section of the Library according to what their main subject heading is.  Scholars and students find this an easier arrangement for study and research.  For instance you will find books by and about Shakespeare, as well as literary criticism on his works all in close proximity to each other.  This saves the researcher the time hunting for each category in a separate section of the library.

The Library of Congress, the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and the world's largest library has made the following list of main classes and subclasses available.   Click on any class below to view an outline of its subclasses. The files are  available for downloading in Word format.