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Voting Information - Your Candidate Can't Win It, If You're Not Voting In It

Voter Registration
"is the requirement of citizens to become registered in order to vote".  Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

In-Person Voting is voting that occurs in-person on election day in specific polling locations usually determined by place of residency.  

Absentee voting is voting that does not happen in person on Election Day but instead occurs by mail or over the internet.  The rules for absentee voting differ from state to state with some requiring voters to provide a valid excuse in order to vote absentee, while others allow any eligible voter to cast an absentee ballot.

Mail Voting: A ballot is automatically mailed to every eligible voter (no request or application is necessary). In-person voting sites may also be available for voters who would like to vote in-person and to provide additional services to voters. Three states mail ballots to all eligible voters for every election. Other states may provide this option for some types of elections.

(From National Conference of State Legislatures)

Article: Enhanced voting options available for voters, Rep. Natalie Blais, Greenfield Recorder, 8/10/2020   

Voting And Voters' Registration Sites

Predicting Winners

On November 3, 2020 the United States will hold its 59th presidential election. Use this map was created by, a nonpartisan American political website that projects who will win United States presidential elections. The map aggregates the ratings of ten organizations to come up with a consensus forecast for the 2020 presidential election. Use the timeline feature to view the map as it looked at the end of each day.  The is not a map based on current polling, but rather a look ahead to November.  We do have a polling map; the two should converge as the election nears and forecasters/models place more weight on the polls.

Click the map to create your own at