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Fostering Inclusion and Combating Bias & Prejudice: Home


Berkshire Community College is dedicated to fostering inclusion and providing our students, faculty and staff with a safe and vibrant place in which to learn, exchange ideas and shared wisdom and grow. 

This site is expanding, is under construction, but please return to visit us in the next few weeks.

Mission of BCC

BCC Mission Statement

  • Berkshire Community College (BCC) strives to place higher education within reach of all residents of Berkshire County and beyond. BCC is committed to access, academic excellence, student success, and leadership in the community.
  • BCC helps students overcome financial, physical, and/or social barriers and welcomes them into a college environment of academic excellence.
  • BCC provides quality programs that prepare students to enter or progress within the workforce and/or for transfer, while fostering a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.
  • BCC provides the resources and services students need to be successful, to meet our academic standards, and to achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • BCC provides leadership by furthering the engagement of our students in the community; by working collaboratively with civic leaders, organizations, and employers; and by serving as a center for diverse educational and cultural activities.


In recognition of its tradition of academic excellence and service, Berkshire Community College affirms the following values:

  • Integrity and Engagement. We expect all members of the college community to participate in the fulfillment of the college mission through actions that are forthright and consistent with the mission.
  • Innovation. We promote a campus climate that encourages innovative thought and creative expression.
  • Diversity and Inclusion. We foster an environment that validates and respects cultural identities and provides curriculum, pedagogy, programs and services within multicultural philosophies and frameworks.
  • Service. We maintain a community that demonstrates respect for growth, responsibility, and leadership through service to others.
  • Sustainability. We follow practices that promote environmental and financial sustainability at the college.

Vision for BCC

BCC is a dynamic learning community, transforming lives and preparing students to succeed in an increasingly complex, diverse, and changing world.

Diversity And Inclusion Council At BCC

Diversity & Inclusion Council Mission Statement

The Diversity and Inclusion Council of Berkshire Community College is dedicated to supporting the efforts of the College in providing an environment where equity and diversity are truly valued beyond verbal commitments and mere tolerance.

These efforts are strengthened by the Council’s work that engages our students in the community as well as offering them diverse educational and cultural activities.

An understanding of diverse issues and the ability to articulate ones position on said issues is paramount in the 21st Century. Therefore, community forums, curricular revisions, and civic engagement are supported, when applicable, by the Council.