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Faculty Information Literacy & Resource Page: Classroom Exercises

Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research - Ohio State University

Choosing & Using Sources - A detailed research guide from Ohio State University.  (This is used in some BCC English classes) - Open Source Text

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Additional Resources For Faculty - Links

Additional Resources on Fake News  

To Share With Students

How to Read A Scientific Article - A tip sheet from Elsevier, the company that provides our Science Direct database
Link -
APA 7th Edition Guide With Citation Generator - One of the best sites, Purdue Owl has updated their APA site to include not only the NEW 7th edition, but have included a very easy to use citation guide.
How To Put Together An Annotated Bibliography - A guide in three parts from Purdue University's Owl Site, the definitive site for help with writing a paper.  This site provides an overview of the annotated bibliography, plus a page on breaking down its components, and an additional page with samples.

Interactive Online Guides To BCC Resources - New For 2020

A New Series Of Interactive Tools To Augment Your Curriculum.  Each interactive tutorial features BCC specific resources.  Many will include quizzes and reflection exercises that students can print, or forward via email.

Introduction To Using The BCC Online Catalog - Currently being updated. Interactive guide to getting to the Library's New HELM Catalog, searching for a book and locating it on the shelf.

BCC Specific Tutorial - Finding eBooks using eBook Central - New Summer 2020 Update: Searching our almost 200k eBooks is simple with this guide that shows you how to search, download, add to your virtual bookshelf, cite, underline and annotate, and much more.

Using Database Concept Maps To Find and Narrow Topics - New Summer 2020 Update.  This interactive guide lets students explore two different concept map tools using our databases, to find and narrow topics, locate background information and begin to explore article sources. Reflection Exercise.

BCC Specific Tutorial - How To Search For Articles.   (    New Summer 2020 Update - This interactive guide introduces students to searching our databases.

Science Direct and ProQuest's Science     New Summer 2020 Update

Guide on the Side (GotS)